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City of Cape Town - building plans

We have received the following notification from the City of Cape Town regarding building plans.

In short:

When sellling your house, homeowners are required to ensure that the approved building plans on record at the Municipality correctly reflect the building structure of your property and that all alterations have been approved.

The City of Cape Town requests all homeowners to ensure that these plans are current and all buildings have been authorized.

If you do not have a copy:

  1. go the City Website, download and complete a plans request form
  2. copy your business partner number (found on your municipal account)
  3. collect a hard copy at the relevant municipality  various district planning offices
  4. ensure that the authorized plans cover all alterations made

Should you have made unauthorised alterations, you need to get a draftsman or architect to draw up plans and have them submitted.

Please call us if you need any more information or assistance.

See the article below:





City advises on how to obtain your building plan


The City of Cape Town encourages all building owners to ensure that they have a copy of their approved building plans. Having these plans readily available will prove to be very helpful when wanting to make extensions, additions or alterations to a building or when the opportunity to sell arises. Read more below:

 As the authority responsible for ensuring a safe and healthy built environment for all residents and visitors in Cape Town, the City holds approved building plans for existing buildings in the city. Property owners or architects that have the necessary power of attorney may obtain copies of these plans from the City before preparing a building plan submission on any previously approved building plans.

It is also customary for property owners to have their building plan available when selling their home. In the case of owners wanting to sell a building, they need to ensure that the property is in the same condition as reflected on the existing approved building plan. In cases where unauthorised alterations have been made, owners are encouraged submit the necessary plans to regularise the unauthorised alteration before the sale and transfer of ownership takes place. In some instances, an owner may be liable to pay an administrative penalty for unauthorised building work. Building plans also form an important part of various processes which include the insurance of properties.

‘The City’s Development Management Department offers a decentralised service delivery system to ensure that our services are available closer to communities. All building owners are therefore able to obtain hard copies of their building plans at our various district planning offices across the city.

‘Customers simply have to complete the plans request form which is available on the City’s website, pay the search fee and obtain the plan at the nearest district office. Each building owner has a business partner number which can be found on your municipal account. Please remember that this number is an essential requirement when requesting a copy of your plan,’ said Mayoral Committee Member for Spatial Planning and Environment, Alderman Marian Nieuwoudt.

It’s important to note that there are certain instances where the City may not have a copy of a previously approved building plan on record. If for any reason plans of a particular property are not available, it is the responsibility of the registered owner to have the as-built structures measured and drawn up.

In terms of submitting building plans and land use applications for approval, residents, architects and developers can do so by submitting applications via the  Development Application Management System (DAMS) which conveniently allows for the electronic submission, processing and tracking of building plans and land use applications via e-Services on the City of Cape Town website.

‘We are also currently in the process of enhancing the DAMS which will then allow customers to obtain their building plans online. The City is moving towards online submission via e-Services as the only mechanism for the submission of building plans and land use applications therefore we encourage anyone intending to submit planning applications in the future to register for the department’s services on e-Services,’ said Alderman Marian Nieuwoudt.


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